The Internet of Things: How to Go Digital with the Right Approach

Tanja Deisler, Johannes Klenke, Accenture GmbH


In Germany they call it Industry 4.0, in English-speaking countries they call it connected industry or the Internet of Things (IoT). In a world where everything is connected via Internet, the digital factory is not far. With an estimated growth of 6% in the next few years of the aviation industry [IATA, 2015], the way to remain competitive is to digitalize. The article highlights the main pillars of the digital factory. Taking a look at use cases where these technologies have been implemented will demonstrate their feasibility.The goal of this article is to show that things have to be seen from a different perspective to be able to move towards the digital factory. Digitalization requires agility and it needs to be disruptive. Instead of creating a large project management overhead, a company can find out which approach fits best to its ecosystem through small steps, pilot projects and trial and error before a project is rolled out on a large scale.

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