The Digital Aerospace Supply Chain – a New Paradigm or Just a Fad?

Dr. Stephan Baur, Manfred Hader, Roland Berger GmbH, Prof. Dr. Stephan M. Wagner, ETH Zurich


A digital transformation of the aerospace supply chain has the potential to contribute to the mastery of the current challenges related to the production ramp-up, fluctuating production rates, as well as incremental innovation campaigns. It could result in an increasing efficiency along the complete value chain from the development activities over production to the aftermarket business and the operation of the aircraft. The advantages and disadvantages of this digital transformation are widely discussed, however, there is still only a limited number of examples or flagship projects where it has already been successfully implemented. Also, a concrete and shared vision is missing, with many questions awaiting clarification. This article aims to generate a repository of the topic and tries to answer the question, whether the digital aerospace supply chain is a new paradigm or just a fad.

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