The automotive industry as a pacemaker for the global aviation industry?

Jens Behre, Paul Mahlke, KPMG AG


The aviation industry will be facing a multitude of challenges in the coming decades. While the global volume of transported passengers and freight is rising continuously on the one hand, the regulatory conditions, particularly in ecological terms, are becoming ever more significant on the other. One of the megatrends which will influence the aviation industry and its supply chain most significantly is Globalization 2.0. Of course, ubiquitous issues such as the convergence of technologies, climate change and environmental pollution are at least equally important. With its ultimate focus on emerging markets, a main issue for the automotive industry is the localization and stabilization of suitable suppliers. The aviation industry is faced with a different challenge, as planes do not necessarily have to be built where they are sold. In the aviation supply chain, the main future issue will be identifying suppliers at global level that possess the necessary ability to innovate, flexibility and a high degree of adaptability, in order to be able to survive the competitive pressures of aircraft manufacturers.

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