Pro-Active Turnaround in Aviation

Sebastian Jäger, Dr. Stefan Ohl, Michael Dorn, AlixPartners


A&D industry players find themselves in a highly challenging and dynamic situation: To protect shareholder value, they need to keep outperforming the stock market and stay exceptionally profitable. At the same time, they are facing challenges to manage steep production ramp-up, the need to invest in digital and new business models, and rising M&A activities in a disruptive market environment with ever shortening business lifecycles. A&D business leaders find their companies at a tipping point of either doing business as usual and facing the risk of a downward spiral that could quickly get out of control, or to pro-actively turn around while they are still performing well and take them to a new level of sustainable and profitable growth. The Pro-Active Turnaround or PAT is a proven approach to massively increase shareholder and stakeholder value in the long-term. Its focus on disruptive change, a holistic program view, execution from Day 1, professional stakeholder management and a proven 4-phase methodology differentiate PAT from typical optimization programs. These are key enablers for lasting success.

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