European Aerospace Supply Chain: Performance Today and Necessary Developments

Michael Santo, Steffen Wenzel, h&z Management Consulting


The effect of globalization on the European aerospace industry is more pronounced now than ever as the role of emerging markets has increased. Overcapacities in the market and cost pressures were the consequences that have led to a transformation in the industry. Additionally, the production ramp-up in Airbus programs has impacted all actors in the supply chain. It is clear that digitalization is fast becoming an essential lever of transformation and performance improvement. Thus, the ability of the European aerospace suppliers to meet their customers’ expectations and develop the required skillsets to compete against international newcomers has become increasingly important. Based on our comprehensive and systematic analysis of the international competitiveness of aerospace suppliers in France and Germany (published on this year’s ILA), we defined a strengths and weaknesses profile of the supplier industry and a future competitiveness portfolio. In this article we will reflect upon recent developments since ILA and draw up a synthesis of the impact on the supply chain, as well as identify current challenges and actions to succeed in the future.

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