Digital Decision Making – a Hybrid AI Approach

Klaus Portmanns, Adrian Weiler, INFORM GmbH


Digital decision making based on hybrid AI technologies has become reality. Today, tried and tested artificial intelligence, operations research, fuzzy logic and machine learning technologies decision making capabilities for planning or operational control that used to be a strictly human capability. A hybrid approach combines the best of these technologies while interactively integrating the user’s expertise. The technical advances of recent years have made these technologies economically efficient. This enables a new strategy for the operational management of companies in the aerospace industry, called Agile Optimization. Intelligent algorithms recommend optimized actions based on planning or real time data. Application areas include forecasting and demand planning, inventory optimization, production and assembly scheduling, but also workshop scheduling, workforce management, and spare parts stock allocation and management, a crucial area for MRO processes. The aim is to make companies more profitable, but above all more resilient, so they become able to react quickly and intelligently to ad-hoc changes and unexpected events.

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